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To fully respond to evolving customer needs, we’re working diligently to make all of Tempo solutions available for Atlassian’s JIRA Cloud customers by the end of the year. Tempo Timesheets, our time tracking and reporting add-on for JIRA has been available as a cloud solution for more than three years now, and our resource and capacity …

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Planner – Webinar

Tempo Planner Webinar Announcement

In the upcoming weeks we’ll announce our Tempo Planner 3.1 release, which will include many interesting new features. In light of the release we’ve decided to host a Tempo Planner webinar. If you’re interested in learning more about Tempo Planner then you should definitely attend! The webinar will be hosted on Thursday, August 20th at 4PM …

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Tempo Books

Tempo Books Tip of the Month: Monthly budget and Fixed Budget

Before we start our July tip for Tempo Books, we should refresh our memory about Tempo Accounts. Tempo Books and Tempo Timesheets share a system plugin, Tempo Accounts. As mentioned in our May tip, Tempo Accounts was initially part of Tempo Timesheets and redesigned to manage project portfolios in JIRA and make it available for other …

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Tempo Timesheets Tip of the Month: Exploring the Activity Stream gadget

Have you tried the number of different Tempo gadgets available in Tempo Timesheets? The Tempo gadgets allow users to track time spent on accounts, to monitor their teams’ tracked time and resource allocation, and present this information visually. The Activity Stream is one of these gadgets, and it’s accessible to everyone that uses Tempo Timesheets. …

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Folio – Tip of the Month

Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: Resolve team member distractions using automated overhead calculations

Tempo Folio’s overhead feature in the Folio Team Screen enables project managers and team leads to identify instances in which team members are not logging work on projects they have been allocated to work on during a designated period. With this information, they can dig deeper to see what may be contributing to the cause.

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