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Tempo – Weather report

The Tempo Family Keeps Growing

With success comes growth. Over the last year, we have nearly doubled in growth in our Reykjavik and Montreal offices. And, we’re still looking for successful and smart candidates.

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Timesheets – New release

Tempo Timesheets 7.14 has arrived! New and Improved Worklog Calendar user interface, configurable Suggestions Sidebar, and more…

In our Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release for JIRA, we’ve completely overhauled the user interface of the Worklog Calendar, and are introducing a configurable Suggestions Sidebar to enable team members to tailor information to better suit their needs. Learn all about the Tempo Timesheets 7.14 release right here!

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Introducing Tempo Books 1.2: Manage Discount Rates for Accounts, Edit Expenses, Update Expense Categories, and more

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The Tempo Books team is working hard these days, releasing minor versions as the product evolves further towards what our customers want and need. In this release we add the option to add a discount rate for an Account, based on the global price table introduced in Tempo Books 1.0. Also, the Expense section in Tempo Books got a bit of a make-over; more information about each entry is now available in the Issue view in JIRA, Expense categories can be deleted, and users can update and add current Expense categories. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at Tempo Books 1.2.

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Folio – Tip of the Month

Tempo Folio Tip of the Month: Prevent team member over-allocations using portfolio management data over multiple projects

As a product manager or portfolio manager, it is important to make sure the workload of each team member is properly allocated. When managing a portfolio, the success of the team down to the individual is essential to the success of both the portfolio and the project (A folio is essentially a project, but we use the term folio to avoid confusion with a JIRA project). It’s important to make sure that an employee is using their time efficiently, that they aren’t overloaded, but also that they haven’t been over-allocated.

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Introducing Tempo Folio 8.1- Understanding the “big picture” with even more data to help make quicker, more informed financial decisions

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Our Tempo Folio 8.1 release is all about bringing project managers, account managers, and organizational decision makers more financial data in order to make informed decisions and save time by adding the possibility to plan from a team, valuable new metrics, and an actual cost curve.

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